Pivotal 5.9 support update

Not too surprisingly Pivotal 5.9 is still deployed widely and remains popular, so “how long will it be supported” is a key question for many.

CDC Software has recently let it be know that 5.9 support will follow support by Microsoft for Windows — up to Windows 7. So as Windows versions, such as XP, are end-of-lifed, so shall 5.9 meet a similar fate.

Since Windows 7 seems like a very popular replacement for Windows XP and the generally unpopular Windows Vista, it bodes well for a long life. This is further likely as Windows 8 seems set to present some radical changes in user experience, which no doubt will be steadfastly resisted by the corporate universe.

For some, the upcoming support for rich clients in Pivotal 6 will speed up and smooth the transition from 5.9, but to know that there is clear support for 5.9 for a while will be a relief to many others.