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Microsoft prepares to deliver new Dynamics CRM capabilities

Microsoft yesterday announced that it will release new capabilities in the Q2 2014. Redmond Channel Partner’s Gladys Rama provides an overview of what to expect. The updates are based on technology acquisitions by Microsoft over the past year or so.

Microsoft switches to Dynamics CRM

Microsoft has been using Siebel CRM for years, but has now successfully switched to its own Dynamic CRM. This article in InformationWeek by Josh Greenbaum discusses the implications. It will be interesting to see what a little dog-fooding will do for Dynamics CRM.

Getting more out of your systems through data integration

All your systems — CRM, website, accounting package, etc. — contain extremely valuable information. But for many companies (maybe most?), these are islands of information, between which communication is like a row boat paddling its way from one island to the next. Maybe it’s an exported CSV file that paddles your latest customer information from …

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