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Stories and quotes from our clients

These are real stories about our clients, if you are interested in CougarTG solving your headaches, contact us. We will be happy to provide client references so you can learn directly what we’ve done for them.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM customization and support

The company had invested a lot in a new installation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. However the vendor fell short in both implementation and roll-out, so the new system was avoided by employees, and the investment seemed a big waste. CougartTG was invited to review the situation and after a brief engagement was able to roll out a revised system that employees adopted quickly. Further enhancements, including integration with the ERP system, are planned. -transport industry

Services: Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Website and CRM integration

CougarTG maintains both the internal and external systems that manage professional memberships. The Pivotal CRM maintenance and enhancement has been in their hands for several years now, and in 2010 the entire family of client websites was placed under their care. With their focused range of expertise, CougarTG is uniquely positioned to ensure the best possible performance from systems which require tight integration between the Pivotal CRM and the web-based membership interface. In the past, the solution was to try to coordinate multiple vendors — a route that led to frustration, problems, and poor implementation. -not-for-profit organization

Services: Data Integration, Pivotal CRM


Pivotal CRM support

With nation-wide franchise operators depending on the Pivotal CRM system, CougarTG’s involvement is an essential part of ensuring the system is running smoothly, well maintained, and enhancements are rolled out regularly. The system is highly customized and supports many separate franchisees under a single Pivotal installation. CougarTG has created reporting mechanisms and dashboards to ensure the company is able to monitor and control their entire business universe. -large franchise operator

Services: Pivotal CRM

Systems integration

When we set out to integrate our new call center phone system with our Pivotal CRM, we needed someone to facilitate the marriage of these two quite different technologies. Cougar provided excellent guidance and the customization we required to realize the full potential. Great teamwork, great result. -manager, systems integration, credit union

Services: Data Integration